LPG cylinder’s expiry date very very important message


Have u ever heard about LPG cylinder’s expire date.
How to find LPG cylinder’s expiry date?

Very important information. Do you know that there is an expiry date (physical life) for LPG cylinders?

Expired Cylinders are not safe for use and may cause accidents. In this regards please be cautious at the time of accepting any LPG cylinder from the vendor.

Here is how we can check the expiry of LPG cylinders: On one of three side stems of the cylinder, the expiry date is coded alpha numerically as follows A or B or C or D and some two digit number following this e.g. D06.

The alphabets stand for quarters –
A for March (First Qtr)
B for June (Second Qtr)
C for Sept (Third Qtr)
D for December (Fourth Qtr)

The digits stand for the year till it is valid.
Hence D06 would mean December qtr of 2006. Share this message with everyone you know, Your kind coöperation will save life of many people and create awareness among the public.

Please do not accept the cylinder if the date has already expired.

The photograph is attached for reference.
LPG Cylinder Image

LPG Cylinder Image

“A” stands for the first quarter ie January to March and
“07” stands for the present year 2007.
We all were still confused with the terms used above.
A-07 indicates the expiry life of cylinder and not the GAS filled in it.
This cylinder should not be used and returned to the gas dealer.
Expired Cylinders are not safe for use and may cause accidents.
ALL concerned should take necessary steps.

HAVE A NICE DAY. Please share this information with all your relatives and friends.

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Identify software on the websites you visit

Do you want to know which software are used to built the websites you visited? Today I discovered a wonderful tool. I will share the details with you, hope some of you already know this, but for those whose don’t know this is an excitement just what happened with me when I found this.

There is a tool called Wappalyzer which tells you what underlying software are used to build a site. It even shows the version of the software used to build the site. Installation of this tool is pretty straight forward as shown in below steps.

  1. Click Here.
  2. Click on Download tab in the Wappalyzer website.
  3. Click Install button based on your browser.
  4. You will be asked with a series of pop ups based on your browser settings, click on install when prompted.

This tool comes as a add-on to Firefox browser and as an extension to Chrome browser. For other browsers they are giving a link to directly drag to your bookmarks toolbar.

I have used this for Firefox and Chrome, and to say that this is an awesome tool to know about software’s from the sites we visit.

Here I am showing you a sample website of how it looks before and after installation of this tool in Firefox.

Before Wappalyzer in Firefox

Before Wappalyzer in Firefox

After Wappalyzer in Firefox

After Wappalyzer in Firefox

I have shown you in Firefox browser, it applies the same for Chrome also. Enjoy with this tool for each website you visited.

Happy Learning 🙂

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SQL Server – Difference between Delete and Truncate

Click Here for complete List.

In this post we will see the common differences between DELETE and TRUNCATE

DELETE is a DML (Data Manipulation langauge) command. TRUNCATE is a DDL (Data Defintion language) command.
We can use filters while deleting the data using WHERE clause. We cannot use WHERE clause .
It activates triggers because the operations are logged individually. It cannot activates triggers, because it does not log individual row deletions.
Slower in performance, because it has to write data to logs. Faster in performance, no logs are maintained to logs.
Deletion of any row is possible that not violate the constraints, as long as the foreign key or any other constraint in place. TRUNCATE cannot used on a table that has any foreign key constraints. If we want to use, then We have to remove the constraints then issue TRUNCATE command on that table and then reapply the constraints.
It does not reset Identity column values. It resets the Identity column values.

I hope this article clearly explains the differences between Delete and Truncate in SQL Server.

Please leave any feedback in the comments area. Happy Learning 🙂

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