How to Auto-Insert double quotes for HTML attributes.

Today we will see how to insert double quotes automatically for HTML attributes.First we will see with out the setting.

As shown in the below image, when we start typing the html elements, double quotes are not inserted automatically for HTML elements.(Click the images for full size)
With out quotes

Now we will see the setting on how to enable them.

Step1: Go to Tools
Step2: Click on Options as shown in the below image.(Click the images for full size)
Step2 image
Step3: Select “Text editor->HTML->Formatting” as shown in the below image.(Click the images for full size)
Step3 image
Step4: Check the option “Insert attribute value quotes while typing” and click on ok.(Click the images for full size)
Step4 image
Step5: That’s all, now when you start typing the html text in aspx page, double quotes are shown in the below image.(Click the images for full size)
With quotes
Hope this tip may be helpful to you….

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Productivity Tips in Visual Studio IDE.

I am going to dedicate this section with a few and yet useful tips while working with Visual Studio in .NET.

Today we will see How to display the line numbers in Visual Studio code window to easily find the line numbers during exception of the code.

Follow the instructions with the given screen shots.

Step1: Go to Tools Tab and select Options. (Click on the images to see full size)

Step2: Find the Text Editor option and click on the left arrow of the option as shown in the below screen shot.(Click on the images to see full size)

Step3: Select the c# option and check the Line Numbers check box found under Display item as shown in the screen shot.(Click the images for full size)


Hope this tip may be helpful to you….

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Review on Windows Azure MUGH BootCamp

The event was started on time and finished on time, but the organizers are little bit disappointed due to the attendance of the people when compared to registrations.  I think the event was posted on 27th April on MUGH tickets are sold out like hot cakes with in few days.

Before the actual session started Chakravarthy DSK presented a surprised analysis on the Search Engines Google Vs Bing.  He really explained the complex in a simple way and the Bing results are more real when compared Google.

Phani started the Azure session really with good basics of Cloud computing and related the examples with day to day activities that simple and clear.  The session is really worth attending on weekend that provided some good direction in getting started with Windows Azure.

He simply carried the session with the agenda as how to get the required tools and software to start coding the Azure applications then talked about Web Roles, Worker Roles and their usage with some Power point slides, then we move on working with the Hands on Session of how to run the app in the Azure emulator before deploying the app to cloud.

Then started with the NoSQL full form (Not only SQL) and what is the need of Azure Storages now a days and their importance in the cloud for scalability and the differences between SQL Azure and Windows Azure, where we can use the windows azure storage instead of SQL Azure.

Then it’s a time for break; Had Pizza and Dark Chocolate from Dominos.

Post the break session gone through the Hands on Lab examples with the Blobs and Queues and there in real applications.  He showed the example of how to upload the images to blob and retrieving from the local compute emulator. He provided some good azure links to proceed further and promised for lot of sessions on Windows Azure in coming months.  Guys Stay tuned……………….

Hope everyone enjoyed the session…………. :)


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Introduction to Windows Azure

Hi Friends,

For the last couple of weeks, I have got an opportunity to try my self on the technology Cloud computing platform.  I would like to share some of my knowledge with you.

In this series I would like to touch the very basics definitions in a complex simple  manner without going deep in to the technical terms.

What is Windows Azure?

  1. It is a cloud operating system provided by Microsoft.

What are the services provided by Microsoft?

  1. Windows Azure Compute.
    1. Web Role: It is used to create and host an ASP.NET Web application, which has IIS 7 pre-configured to run inside it.
    2. Worker Role : It is more likely like a batch file process running in the background without user interface, and it does not have IIS 7 configured.  If you want to build an application which has user interface we need to go with the above Web Role.
    3. VM Role : It is a special type of Role which is used to run a Windows Server R2 image.We can use VM Role to move some of the on-premise applications to Windows Azure, without any code modifications.
  2. Windows Azure Storage.
    1. Blob : As it states Binary Large Object. used to store unstructed data any data like Excel file, images, videos, binary data.
    2. Table : It is used to store the data, don’t confuse with the SQL Server Relation table.  These are not relational.  It contains a group of entities and Each Entity is name/value pairs.  There are 3 system defined properties for each table.
      • Partition Key
      • Row Key
      • TimeStamp.
    3. Queue : Queues are used to make communication between the Web and Worker Roles.  It is used for reliable persistent messaging between the applications.
  3. SQL Azure : This is scalable version of SQL Server which runs on the Azure Platform.
  4. Windows Azure AppFabric.
    1. Caching : One of the most efficient ways to store the frequently data in the memory to improve the performance of the application.
    2. Access Control : It acts as an intermediatery in the cloud for working with the claims-based identity.
    3. Service Bus : It is used to connect securely between the distributed and disconnected applications in the cloud
  5. Content Delivery Network : It improves the performance of an applications which serves videos, flash images etc., by copying the blobs closer to the clients that use it.
  6. Azure Market Place :This is the place where we sell or buy the products or datasets that are available on Windows Azure platform.  It has 2 components.
    1. AppMarket
    2. DataMarket
  7. Azure Virtual Network.
    1. Azure Connect : To connect with the local machines which is there in the On-Premise Data Center.
    2. Azure Traffic Manager.


In this post we have gone through the basics and the terminology related to Windows Azure.  Hope you enjoyed this post

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My First Blog…


Today i have just created my blog  on at 11:04 PM.  Hi Friends stay tuned for regular updates…



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